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108" Bloomington

108" Swirling Splendor by Benartex

108" Thatched

60" Mammoth Flannel

A Country Weekend by Lisa Audit for Wilmington Prints

Abby Rose by Robin Pickins

ABC 123 by Bonnie Lemaire for Northcott

ABC Dance by Robert Kaufman

ABC XYZ by Stacey Iest Hsu

All Hallows Eve

All Star by Stacy Iest Hsu

Alpha-Bots by Wilmington Prints

Alphabet Soup

Alphabetosaurus by Robert Kaufman

American Gathering by Primitive Gatherings

Animal Crackers by Sweetwater

Autumn Bouquet by Robert Kaufman

Autumn Fields by Robert Kaufman

Autumn Gatherings Flannel by Primitive Gatherings

Autumn Reflections

Autumn Splendor by Northcott

Baby It's Gnomes Out by Wilmington Prints

Baby Safari by Northcott

Baby's Adventure by Wilmington Prints

Believe in Magic

Bella Solids by Moda

Belle Isle by Minick and Simpson

Best Friends Forever

Birthday by Sarah Watts for Ruby Star Society

Bliss by 3 Sisters for Moda

Blizzard by Sweetwater

Blush Garden by Wilmington Prints

Blushing Peonies

Botanical Magic by Wilmington Prints

Botanicals by Janet Clare

Boudoir by BasicGrey

Bountiful Blooms by Sheri and Chelsi

Bouquet of Roses by Debbie Beaves for Robert Kaufman

Bramble by Gingiber


Brightly Blooming

Brother, Sister

Buttercup & Slate by Corey Yoder

Candy Cane Lane by April Rosenthal

Canvas Flannel by Northcott

Celebrations by Patrick Lose for Northcott

Chalk and Charcoal


Cheer & Merriment by Fancy That Design House for Moda

Chill by Zen Chic

Chip Shot

Christmas Eve by Lella Boutique

Christmas Morning by Lella Boutique

Clover Meadow

Coffee Always by Wilmington Prints

Color Weave

Color Your World With Horses by Benartex


Coriander Seeds by Corey Yoder

Cottage Bleu by Robin Pickens

Cotton Beach by Tilda

Country Cardinal by Wilmington Prints

Country Home by Northcott

Country Rose by Lella Boutique

Cowboy Up by QT Fabrics

Cozy Cotton Flannel

Cozy Up by Corey Yoder

Cuddly Countryside by Robert Kaufman

D is for Dream by Paper + Cloth

Daffodils and Dragonflies by Kansas Troubles

Daisy Made

Dance in Paris by Zen Chic

Date Night by Basic Grey for Moda

Desert Oasis

Dino Glow

Dinosaurs Batiks by Banyan Batiks

Dog Daze by Stacy Iest Hsu

Dreamers by Benartex

Dreamland by Northcott

Eat, Drink, and Be Ugly

Effervescence by Quilting Treasures

Effie's Woods by Deb Strain

Elegantly Frightful

Enchanted Seas by Patrick Lose for Northcott

Essentials by Wilmington

Eufloria by Create Joy Project

Evermore by Sweetfire Road

Faboolous Fun

Faithful Friends

Fall Melody Flannel by Holly Taylor

Farmall Show

Farmhouse Chic by Wilmington Prints

Farmhouse Flannels II

Feeline Good by Wilmington Prints

Felicity Batiks

Firefly by Sarah Watts for Ruby Star Society

Florence by Robert Kaufman

Forest Fable by Figo

Frankie by BasicGrey


Fresh as a Daisy by Create Joy Project

Frontier by Northcott

Frost Bite Flannel

Fusion by Northcott

Fusions #7

Game Time by Benartex

Ghostly Greetings by Deb Strain

Gnome-ster Mash by Wilmington Prints

Graze by Sweetwater for Moda

Great Outdoors by Benartex

Greener Pastures

Greener Pastures by Wilmington Prints


Happiness Blooms by Deb Strain for Moda

Happy Campers by QT Fab

Harvest Wishes by Deb Strain

Hello Fall by Benartex

Hello Lucky by Henry Glass

Hello, Bear

Here Kitty, Kitty by Stacy Iest Hsu

Hippity Hoppity

Holiday Essentials Christmas by Stacey Iest Hsu

Holiday Essentials Halloween by Stacey Iest Hsu

Holiday Flourish Snow Flower by Robert Kaufman

Holiday Sparkle by Kanvas for Benartex

Holly Berry Tree Farm by Deb Strain

Home on the Range by Deb Strain

Home Sweet Holidays by Deb Strain

Homebody by Maureen Cracknell for AGF

Homegrown Holiday by Deb Strain

Hometown Hockey

Hooked by Northcott

Horizon by Robert Kaufman

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Hustle and Bustle by Basic Grey

Illustrations by Alli K Design

Instruments of Peace by Quilting Treasures

Iris & Ivy by Jan Patek

Irish Charm

Jolly Season by Abi Hall

Joyful Joyful by Stacy Iest Hsu

Jungle Paradise by Stacy Iest Hsu



Keep on Trucking

Kona Sheen by Robert Kaufman

La Grande Soiree by French General for Moda

Lady Bird by Crystal Manning

Late October by Sweetwater

Later Alligator

Lift off by Kanvas for Benartex

Linen Texture

Little Ducklings by Paper + Cloth

Lollipop Garden

Mammoth Flannel and Black, Grey & Red Flannel

Mammoth Jr Flannel

Martha by FIGO for Northcott


Merrymaking by Gingiber


Midnight Magic Batiks by Northcott/Banyan Batiks

Mill Creek Garden

Mint Crush by Wilmington Prints

Mixmaster Mashup by Patrick Lose

Moody Bloom by Create Joy Project

Moonlight Garden

Mountains Calling by FIGO

Musical Gift by Wilmington Prints

Mystic Moon by Robert Kaufman

Mystical Mermaids by Kanvas for Benartex

Nature's Canvas Batiks

NDSU Fabric

Neutrality by Patrick Lose for Northcott

Night & Day 2

No Ordinary Cats by Northcott

Oh, How They Grow!

Ombre Fairy Dust by V & Co

Ombre Flurries by V and Co.

On Tap by Quilting Treasures

On the Farm by Stacy Iest Hsu

On the Go by Stacey Iest Hsu




Painted Meadow

Paisley Place by Wilmington Prints

Palette by Windham

Pearl Ballet by Benartex

Peppermint Bark by Basic Grey

Petal Power by Me and My Sister Designs

Poinsettia Plaza by 3 Sisters

Ponderosa by Stacy Iest Hsu

Prairie Dreams by Kansas Troubles

Prehistoric World by Northcott

Primitive Muslin Flannel

Proud Rooster by Wilmington Prints

Pumpkin Blossoms by Fig Tree

Quilter's Linen

Quilting Across the Dakotas 2023

Quilting Across the Dakotas Fabric ND

Radiance Shimmer Blender by Northcott

Raindrops and Sunshine

Red Barn Christmas by Sweetwater

Red Barn Christmas by Sweetwater

Redwork Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings

Regions Beyond Tim Holtz Halloween 2021

Renew by Sweetwater for Moda

Rollicking Robots

Rue 1800 by 3 Sisters

Safari Life by Stacy Iest Hsu

Sanctuary by 3 Sisters for Moda


Savannah by QT Fabrics

Save the Day

School is Cool by Wilmington Prints

Scrappenstance Flannel by Kim Diehl for Henry Glass

Sew Bloom by Benartex/Contempo

Sew Little Time by Wilmington Prints

Sew Wonderful by Paper+Cloth

Sewing Box by Kanvas

Sewing is My Happy Place by Northcott

Shades of the Season 12 by Robert Kaufman

Shadowplay Flannel

Shannon Cuddle

Shimmering Twilight by Benartex

Shine On by Sharon Holland for AGF

Silverstone by Robert Kaufman

Sister Bay by 3 Sisters

Smoke and Rust by Lella Boutique

Snow Snuggles Flannel by Robert Kaufman

Snowbound by Kathy Schmitz

Snowkissed by Sweetwater

Snuggle Bunny Flannel by Northcott

Snuggle in the Jungle Flannel by Benartex

Soar by Northcott

Soft Sweet Flannel

Soiree by Mara Penny

Songbook by Fancy That Design House

Spellbound by Sweetfire Road

Spirited by Northcott

Sports Life 5

Spotted by Zen Chic

Spring Chicken by Sweetwater for Moda

Spring Chickens by Patrick Lose for Northcott

Star Maps by Robert Kaufman

Starflower Christmas by Create Joy Project

Stars and Stripes by Northcott

Stateside by Sweetwater for Moda

Stiletto by Basic Grey

Stomp Stomp Roar by Stacy Iest Hsu

Summer Breeze 2019

Summer Breeze 2021

Sweet Baby Flannel

Sweet World by Wilmington Prints

Swell Christmas

Teepee Trail by QT Fabrics


Thatched by Robin Pickens

The North Pole

The Sea and Me by Stacy Iest Hsu

Thistle Farm

Through the Woods by Sweetfire Road

Through the Years by Kansas Troubles

Timber by Sweetwater

Timberland by Robert May for Northcott

Time Well Spent Flannel

Tiny Frights by Ruby Star Society

Tula Pink Basics

Tulip Tango by Robin Pickens for Moda

Twinkle by April Rosenthal

UND Fabric

Unicorn Magic by Benartex

Untamed by Dan Morris for QT Fabrics

Venice by Robert Kaufman

Volume II

Warm and Cozy Flannels by Northcott

Warmin' Up Winter by Northcott

Wee Safari by Northcott

Whisper Weave by Nancy Halvorson for Benartex

White Linen Christmas by Northcott

Whitetail Woods by Jack Hagerman and Northcott Studio

Wild and Free

Wild Iris by Holly Taylor for Moda

Wild Meadow by Sweetfire Road

Windham Widebacks

Windsong by Northcott

Winged Whisper by Wilmington Prints

Winter Comfort Flannel by Benartex

Winter Gathering by Northcott

Winter Manor

Wishwell: Loose Leaf

Wool & Needle Flannel IV

Wool Tweed Flannels

Woolies Flannel

Yuletide Gatherings Flannel by Primitive Gatherings


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108 Bloomington Charcoal



Moss Swirling Splendor 108in Wide Back



Charcoal Swirling Splendor 108in Wide Back



108 Thatched Graphite



108 Thatched Crimson



108 Thatched Navy



108 Thatched Pine



108 Thatched Seafoam



108 Thatched New Linen



108 Thatched Turquoise



108 Thatched Gray



108 Thatched New Scarlet



108 Thatched New Heather



108" Thatched Cream 11174 36



Mammoth Flannel 60" Red Plaid



Red Mammoth Flannel Wide Back 60"



Iron Mammoth Flannel Wide Back 60"



White Mammoth Flannel Wide Back 60"



Mammoth Flannel 60" Lagoon



A Country Weekend Tan Diagonal Plaid



A Country Weekend Grey Diagonal Plaid



A Country Weekend Seaglass Floral Vines



Abby Rose Seafoam Thatched



Abby Rose Citrus Thatched



Abby Rose Early Dawn Thatched



Abby Rose Night






ABC 123 Panel Blocks



ABC 123 Black Numbers



ABC Dance Confetti Navy


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