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Hey, it's Katie here from Quilt Essential. I'd like to thank you for stopping by our page and tell you a little about how our shop began.

It all started way back in 2008, when I was working for an HVAC/Plumbing company in Auburn, WA. My mom called very upset that her favorite quilt shop was going to close and I asked the question, "do you think they would sell it?" It took almost 9 months to convince the banks to take a chance on a young, crazy girl with a dream. I finally got word late in April of 2009 that the bank had approved the loan. I quit my job, packed up all my belongings (including two cats) in a U-haul and drove back to ND with a winter storm on my heels. 

We opened our doors May 9, 2009 and I hoped the snow that morning wasn't an indication of what was to come. A year and a half later, we purchased a building nearby and moved to our current location. My boyfriend at the time, helped with the renovation and moving, proving he was husband material. Our shop's mascot, our daughter Maggie, was born a few years later.

I have been so blessed to be able to be surrounded by wonderful people during this adventure. My mom spends almost every day in the shop with me, sewing nearly all our samples and supporting nearly all my crazy ideas. When I go to shows and forget important items, like my purse, my dad is ready and willing to drive hours to get them to me. My husband drops everything when I do something not-so-smart like put a screw through a wire and cause the electricity to go out (yup, that's happened) and Maggie does her best to help Mommy in any way she can. I also have a wonderful work family, consisting of Mercedes (who will tell me EXACTLY what she thinks of my ideas, but still indulge me and help), Kathy (who keeps us organized and is always such a positive ray of sunshine), Connie (who comes in after her fulltime job to help things stay on track and inspire us), Barb (who can relate to anyone and keep the front of the shop running smoothly), and Ally (who helps to keep our long arms running while going to school).

We pride ourselves on always having over 100 samples with kits in our shop and a great selection of fabric, books and patterns, and notions, and are well known for taking the time to help customers choose fabrics for their projects. We hope to get the chance to meet you and help you with your next project.

We hope to see you soon,
Katie, Maggie, Mom, and the crew

Here we are...

We are located at:
206 5th St NE
Devils Lake, ND 58301

Give us a call 701.662.3634 or email us at

After hours? Call or text Katie at 701.739.1493.